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BOOK: Pedro, a space rock

Here is a preview of my new book The Adventures of Pedro, a Space Rock.

Ages 6 to 8. The final versions are online, click here for Portuguese or here for English.

The story starts with Pedro narrating how he fell on Earth when he was going around the Sun. Pedro is taken to the museum to be tested and learns that he is metallic. But the story goes beyond a simple traveling adventure or even beyond teaching kids what meteorites are. Pedro teaches kids about diversity when he compares himself with Earth's rocks and how he feels when he sees that he is different from everyone in the planet. He narrates his adventures from the bookshelf of a scientist where he lives with other very different meteorites. His friends are Ping, a meteorite found in China, and Peter, a meteorite found in Arizona. But his best friend is an Earth rock, Pebbles. She is very curious and engages in conversations with them all day long.



Using an innovative way of illustrating, photos of real meteorites and rocks come alive through the imagination of the Illustrator Sheila Vieira. Sheila is an engineer who enjoys new challenges. One of her favorite hobbies is painting, so she has been exploring her creativity in combination with her talent in software technology. Let us know if you would like to translate Pedro to other languages (duiliafdemello at gmail).


We currently have volunteers to translate to Basque, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish.


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